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Social Media Concerns 

It has come to our attention that an unpleasant add-on to Social Media has recently become popular with a number of teens.

Sayat.me allows a link to be placed on a person's Instagram account or similar, and invites people to leave anonymous feedback about the person. Whilst some children may receive statements that are flattering, the risk of being exposed to malicious, hateful and/or inappropriate messaging is very great. The impact this can have on the emotional health of a young person is significant, and can cause considerable upset and stress on the child concerned.

Please can you discuss with your child whether they have any such link on their social media accounts, and if so, counsel them about the value of protecting themselves from such risky activities. We will be doing similar in school, to help ensure that pupils are protecting themselves from potential cyber bullying.

23.06.2017 - Snapchat Update

The latest Snapchat update enables people to see your location - it's a very new update as it was released this week.

The feature allows you to see where any of your Snapchat friends are at any time, if their internet or WiFi is on, or where they were last time they were online.

It also means that if you post to a public story then anyone can see what you have photographed or videoed. This shows up on the map as you can zoom in or out to UK, international or bring it down to a local view.

It is possible to turn this feature off by clicking 'settings' and going to 'ghost mode' but you have to do it manually. See this link for guidance: Enabling Ghost Mode in Snapchat

Whilst location finding can be a useful feature, it does also raise possible safeguarding issues as many Snapchat users have a high number of 'friends'. Please discuss this with your child/children and ensure they are using Snapchat or any social media in a safe way.
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