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Key Contacts

                                                                                                   Key Contacts

The Leadership Team

Andrew Mackereth Headteacher Andrew.Mackereth@E-ACT.org.uk
Jenny Gatley Head of School Jenny.Gatley@E-ACT.org.uk
Ruth Roberts Deputy Headteacher: Safeguarding & Data Ruth.Roberts@E-ACT.org.uk
Jo Sharkey Deputy Headteacher: Sixth Form Joanne.Sharkey@E-ACT.org.uk
Anthea Bailey Director of Finance Anthea.Bailey@E-ACT.org.uk
Emma Reed Assistant Headteacher Emma.Reed@E-ACT.org.uk
Michael Hodgson Assistant Headteacher Michael.Hodgson@E-ACT.org.uk
Paul McCahill Assistant Headteacher Paul.McCahill@E-ACT.org.uk

The Student Support Team

Adam Drake Special Needs Coordinator Adam.Drake@E-ACT.org.uk
Lynne Joyce Student Support Manager Lynne.Joyce@E-ACT.org.uk
Joan Goodrich Parent Support Advisor Joan.Goodrich@E-ACT.org.uk
Calli Arrow Child Protection Lead Calli.Arrow@E-ACT.org.uk

The Progress Leaders

Dawn Latham Y6 & 7 Dawn.Latham@E-ACT.org.ukk
Ben Jones Y8 & 9 Ben.Jones@E-ACT.org.uk
Emma Reed Y10 & 11 Emma.Reed@E-ACT.org.uk

The Subject Leadership Team

Gary Brown Head of ADT Gary.Brown@E-ACT.org.uk
Keiron Bailey Head of English Kieron.Bailey@E-ACT.org.uk
Maureen Boneham Head of Maths Maureen.Boneham@E-ACT.org.uk
Pat Mackie Head of Science Pat.MacKie@E-ACT.org.uk
Sebastian Burrows Head of Humanities Faculty Sebastian.Burrows@E-ACT.org.uk
Dave Hill Head of PE Dave.Hill@E-ACT.org.uk
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