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The Parker, as part of the multi-academy trust E-ACT, has a single governing body (our Board of Trustees) comprised of seven independent volunteers who are ultimately accountable for the performance and strategic leadership of the organisation. E-ACT's Board also includes the Chief Executive who is an ex officio Trustee.

The Board are supported by the Executive Leadership Team and National Team, underneath which sits six Regional Teams led by a Regional Education Director (RED) and Regional Operations Director (ROD), with a series of subject specialist expert system leaders within each of the teams.

Our REDs and RODs hold E-ACT Headteachers to account through 6 weekly formal 'Raising Achievement Boards' and, in turn, the REDs and RODs are held to account by the Executive Leadership Team through 6 weekly formal 'Regional Performance Boards'.
The Parker is part of the Daventry region and our Regional Team is:

Andrew Mackereth   -   Regional Education Director   -   Andrew.Mackereth@e-act.org.uk
Sarah Brooks   -   Regional Operations Director   -   Sarah.Brooks@e-act.org.uk
Michelle Payne   -   SEND, Safeguarding, Attendance and Behaviour System Leader   -   Michelle.Payne@e-act.org.uk
Deborah Sanghera   -   Regional Co-ordinator   -   Deborah.Sanghera@e-act.org.uk

The Parker Ambassadorial Advisory Group

Alongside the Raising Achievement Boards, E-ACT has established advisory bodies in each academy called the Ambassadorial Advisory Group (AAG). The Ambassador remit has four key elements:

  • Celebration: to help to make sure that celebration of staff, pupils and parents remains a priority for each academy, and to find the best way to do this.
  • Communication: to work with staff, pupils and parents to make sure that the academy effectively communicates to all stakeholders, so that everyone feels part of academy life and has the opportunity to access information and events.
  • Concerns or complaints: to act as an independent local point of contact for staff, pupils and parents to express their concerns. Academy ambassadors will signpost people to the right channels for dealing with their issues and will ensure that any concerns or complaints are fed back to the AAG. Where any trends emerge, the Academy Ambassadors works with the Principal and other ambassadors to help find solutions. Academy Ambassadors will also always form the majority of members on any appeals panels.
  • Community: making sure that the pupils maximise on local opportunities by finding ways to keep the academy at the heart of the community and acting as a key link between the two. To really help the academy to explore what it can do to make the school a hub of community services.
The Ambassadorial Advisory Group

Jenny Lucas (Chairperson)
Stephanie Chittenden (Vice Chairperson)
Imtiaz Aslam
Samantha Chambers
Sarah Crask
Julie Green
Rebecca Helm
James How
Kiran Kapoor
Lisa Morgan
NIcola Neal
Verity Newman
Dave Prentice
Wendy Randall
Jill Spencer
Charlotte Whysall
Phillip Woof

The Parker AAG meetings this academy year:

  • 30th October 2017 - The Parker - 6.00pm - 7.30pm
  • 13th December 2017 - DSLV - 6.00pm - 7.30pm
  • 19th February 2018 - The Parker - 6.00pm - 7.30pm
  • 26th March 2018 - DSLV - 6.00pm - 7.30pm
  • 21st May 2018 - The Parker - 6.00pm - 7.30pm
  • 2nd July 2018 - DSLV - 6.00pm - 7.30pm
Please note, the Board of Trustees is the governing body for E-ACT and all E-ACT academies, as the AAG is an advisory body only. Attendance of trustees at meetings, are published on the trust website in E-ACT's annual report, which also contains information on the structure and responsibilities of the Board and its Committees. Trustees' business and financial interests can also be found on the trust website here

Important documents:

E-ACT's Scheme of Delegation which shows all delegated authorities from the Board of Trustees
E-ACT detailed governance overview showing how we continue to meet all our statutory and regulatory requirements under our regionalised governance model

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