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Curriculum & Exams

Rigorous standards, rewarding results

Personalised learning at its best
We expect high standards from our pupils, and in return we provide them with a stimulating, interactive and wide-ranging curriculum which will adequately prepare them for life outside the Academy. Learning is individually tailored, enabling every pupil to flourish. The curriculum offers a challenging mix of academic and vocational qualifications allowing each student to make the most of their talents and abilities. 
The Academy offers the English Baccalaureate and the courses offered are continuously assessed to ensure a broad, balanced curriculum that meets the needs and abilities of all our students. We aim to boost attainment and provide all students with the skills and aspirations to move on to further and higher education, work-based learning opportunities or employment.

Courses & skills

In the first two years, students study the following subjects: English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Religious Studies, ICT, PE, Art, Design Technology subjects, French, German, Drama and Music. There are also Literacy and Numeracy lessons on a weekly basis. Our Baccalaureate track consists of Triple Science, English, Maths, English Literature or English Media, Statistics, History or Geography, French or German, PE and 1 option.
We offer a vocational pathway which includes options in Engineering, Travel and Tourism, or Hospitality.

Literacy & Numeracy

Our attention to standards means that all students make progress across the entire spectrum of the curriculum. The Academy specialises in Literacy and Numeracy standards at Key Stage 3, in order to promote ability in these areas. We aim to improve standards of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Strong levels of Literacy and Numeracy are essential for future success, both in exams and in the wider world of employment, so we are absolutely committed to strengthening these skills across all subject areas.
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We aim to equip all our Sixth Form students with a personalised curriculum based on skills that encourage thinking, creativity, teamwork and leadership. These skills are invaluable for the world of work. The Academy also offers the opportunity for all students to pursue the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award to Gold Level. Our Sixth Form continues to perform well academically and offers subjects such as English Language, English Literature, Media, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Business, Art, Sport, History, French and German.
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