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About us

Our ethos

Unity- Strength- Endeavour
At the Academy, we stress the importance of respect, whether for oneself, other pupils, staff, the learning process or the environment. We want our pupils to leave us as responsible, caring and considerate young adults and believe in high aspirations for all. We are passionate about improving the lives and prospects of all our students, and are fully committed to ensuring that every child excels both inside and outside the classroom.
The Parker Academy offers a supportive environment in which your child will be challenged and stimulated to meet their full potential. We continuously strive for excellent results and we look forward to welcoming your child, confident that we can help them fulfil their potential and prepare them for the next stage of their life and learning.
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Pastoral programme & Student Senate

The Pastoral Programme is designed to develop responsible and positive attitudes with a focus on enrichment and a culture of sharing best and outstanding practice. We also encourage our students to share their views through the Student Senate, in order to find democratic solutions to our collective problems.

Core principles

Our core principles are:
  • Raising educational standards.
  • Tailoring learning to the needs of the individual.
  • Creating an inclusive culture.
  • Working in partnership with our local community.

Inclusion for all

As far as Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Academically Able students are concerned the Academy is committed to providing a totally inclusive education for all its students ensuring appropriate levels of intervention and support. Monitoring of the impact on progress is a key feature of this provision.
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